In-House Fabrication

In-House Fabrication

Produce orthotics in-house to your own specifications.

Use Amfit’s Impress Scanner or Contact Digitizer with the CAD/CAM Mill to produce custom orthotics in-house. With either Amfit scanner this program provides practitioners with the following benefits:

  • Produce orthotics using Amfit materials including EVA blanks, top cover or foam boxes.
  • Economically produce high volumes of orthotics.
  • Easily create a positive model of the client’s scan for vacuum forming a variety of materials.
  • Provide finished orthotics to clients in as little as one hour.
Photo depicting In House Fabrication System: Impress Scanner, Contact Digitizer, and the CAD/CAM Mill.

Use Amfit materials to produce finished orthotics in-house:

Photo of IHF Blanks

EVA Blanks

Choose from one of five high-density EVA base materials which includes Soft, Medium, Firm, Dual, and Cork.

IHF Top Cover

Top Covers

We carry a large selection of top covers for your finishing needs, including Spenco™, X-Static® and Bamboo Tecc®.

Foam Boxes

Our foam impression boxes are available in cases of 12 and allow for contact free casting.