Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Amfit Scanner App for iPad

We respect your confidentiality and private information. Our applications do not access any personal data from your devices. In order to ensure a full understanding of how the scan bundles you choose to upload to us are protected, we offer this privacy document.

The information herein informs the usage of the Amfit Scanner App.  It may change or expand as the App evolves.

What is Stored on your device

The App upload functionality requires a pair of identifying credentials we provide as part of your existing Amfit Account. When you enter them in the App, they are stored in a Credential Protection Space that iOS creates specific to the App.

The App provides a simple data store, sometimes known as a database, which persists in storage accessible only via the App. This allows you to save and retrieve scans paired with identifying labels and any modifying values you have selected.

How the App sends scans

The App allows you to upload scan bundles to a secure Amfit storage site. A scan bundle includes the scan with its labels and modifiers, your account identifiers, and the App ID iOS creates upon installation. The bundle is transferred over the internet using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Sending a scan bundle is completely under your control, occurring only when you explicitly initiate an upload.

What Happens to bundles you upload

Authorized Amfit agents periodically retrieve uploaded scan bundles for processing at our facility. The retrieval occurs over the internet using TLS.

After retrieval, processing includes transforming scans into records that at your discretion will be used to produce custom orthotics. The records are stored in Amfit proprietary format on secure servers located on-site.

Third Parties

Amfit does not share any data related to the App with third-parties unless compelled by law. We do not sell any Customer data whatsoever.

Opting Out

You may clear your device by simply deleting the App. The App also provides for deletion of specific scans of your choosing. We will remove uploaded bundles and processed records from storage at your request.

Security and Safety

Amfit takes great care to safeguard your confidentiality. We adhere to state and national law. Amfit does not market to nor solicit data from individuals under the age of 18.

In general nothing sent via the App need contain personal or confidential information.

We use electronic protection such as TLS encryption across the internet and high level antivirus monitoring across our local networks.

Procedurally, only authorized Amfit employees have access to any Customer information, limited to their role.

Unfortunately, no security is perfect. In the event that a breach occurs, Amfit will make every effort to notify all Customers.