Contact Digitizer

Contact Digitizer

Image depicting a contact digitizer

The Amfit Contact Digitizer gives practitioners the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for their customers. The Contact Digitizer measures the entire plantar surface of the foot providing precise digital data in seconds to make the best-fitting custom foot orthotics. The Contact Digitizer is a powerful tool that allows practitioners to expand their business and increase profits without huge overhead costs.

Amfit offers multiple system configurations that provide the flexibility and portability to meet all the needs of both professionals and patients. Indeed, Amfit’s Contact Digitizer is revolutionizing professional practices all over the world!

Configuration Options

Image depicting office digitizer system

Contact Digitizer System (Office Setup)

Item# 10D0010-A

  • Contact Digitizer Pro
  • Dell Optiplex Ultra Small PC
  • 26” LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Digitizer Floor Stand
  • Display Monitor Tower
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (pre-installed)
Image depicting portable digitizer package

Contact Digitizer System (Portable Setup)

Item# 10D0010-B

  • Contact Digitizer Pro
  • Dell Latitude Laptop Computer
  • Digitizer Travel Case
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (pre-installed)
Image depicting contact digitizer scanner

Contact Digitizer Scanner (Unit Only)

Item# 10D0090

  • Contact Digitizer Pro
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (Free Download)