Correct and Confirm Editing Software

Correct and Confirm Editing Software

Amfit’s innovative Correct and Confirm™ editing software was thoughtfully designed by our in-house engineers to be user-friendly, and simple to use to accomplish perfect-fitting foot orthotic designs.  The built-in advanced editing tools offer nearly limitless design options to the experienced practitioner with common adjustments pre-installed, or you can design your own adjustments for easy application.

From the true 3D contact contour scan offered by the Contact Digitizer to the unique Correct and Confirm™ software, Amfit offers unprecedented flexibility to design accommodative and functional foot orthotics. From prescriptive specialized options to retail shoe stores and beyond, Amfit technology offers a 21st century solution to a timeless concern.

Software Features Overview

  • Custom orthosis design according to prescription
  • Easy and quick orthosis design by design template
  • Create and save customized standard adjustments
  • Extended library of common of corrective, supportive or offload digital adjustments
  • The easy-to-use software user interface is combined with a flexibility that allows users ideas and craftsmanship to be applied in the orthotic design
  • Pre-installed on all Amfit CAD/CAM Systems at no additional cost!

Image depicting correct and confirm software