Central Fabrication

Central Fabrication

Let us do the work saving your practice time, space, and labor.

Utilize Amfit’s labor force to free up time and energy. Our Central Fabrication Lab provides practitioners with the following benefits:

  • Scan or cast patients and send the data records in as little as 10 minutes.
  • We accept digital data from Amfit Scanners, and all STL/OBJ data files.
  • We accept foam impression casts converting to digital foot record data.
  • Access our expansive inventory of fabrication materials such as EVA, Cork-Blended EVA, Carbon Fiber, and 3D-Printed Polypropylene.
  • Finished Orthotics are returned in as little as 3 – 7 business days*
       *Order quantity and shipping times dependent.
Photo of central fabrication technician working with our Correct & Confirm software

Central Fabrication Products


Choose from one of five high-density EVA base materials, ranging from 25° – 70° Shore A durometer, and then select from a variety of top covers.


Amfit’s SADMERC approved diabetic inserts are available in two styles, including toe filler and charcot options!

Carbon Fiber (Stealth)

All of our high-quality carbon fiber rigid orthotics include heel postings with anti-slip grip. Two rigid styles to choose from!

3D-Printed Polypropylene

Our 3D-Printed polypropylene rigid orthotics are the first custom printed F/O’s that meet Amfit’s high standard for function and durability.