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See it in Action

  • Automatically offloads pressure points
  • Laser line for perfect alignment
  • Supports foot while measuring
  • Amfit Correct and Confirm™ Software
  • Available in Office or Portable models
Contact Digitizer

Contact Digitizer

The Amfit Digitizer gives you the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for your customers. Amfit’s Digitizer measures the entire plantar surface of the foot giving you precise data to make the best foot orthotics.

The Digitizer is a powerful tool that allows you to expand your business and increase your profits — without huge overhead costs. Offering the flexibility and portability to meet all the needs of both professionals and patients, the Digitizer is changing professional practices all over the world.

Amfit’s milling options give you the ability to make orthotics in your facility or you can use our central fabrication services, which boasts the industry’s fastest turnaround and excellent pricing. Either way, you have complete control. We make no modifications to the design file so you get exactly what you specified.

Configuration Options

Portable Digitizer Package

Portable Digitizer Package


  • Dell Notebook Computer
  • Custom Travel Case
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (installed)
EVA Orthotics

Office Digitizer System


  • Dell Optiplex Ultra Small PC
  • 26” Widescreen Monitor
  • Digitizer Floor Stand
  • Monitor Tower
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (installed)