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Amfit Solutions

At Amfit, we understand that you need accurate and cost-effective options to provide custom orthotics, diabetic inserts, and off-the-shelf insoles, but in a way that matches your unique business. Welcome to Amfit Solutions.

Amfit offers a wide variety of solutions based on volumes, product needs, and commitment level. First, determine your preferred casting method, then decide if you want to use Amfit’s Central Fabrication Facility, or do everything in your own lab for 100% control. Finally, decide the best finance option that works for you. Any way you choose, Amfit will have the solution that is perfect for your company.

Choose your fabrication program:

Central Fabrication Diabetic Program In-House Fabrication Off-The-Shelf Inserts
Time Commitment 5 minutes X   X
10-20 minutes X X    
30-60 minutes   X  
Preferred Materials EVA Orthotics X   X  
Carbon Fiber X      
Polypropylene X     X
Diabetic Inserts X    
Vacuum Form Own Materials X   X  
Turnaround Requirements Less than 1 hour   X X
3-7 days X X    
2-3 weeks X    
Monthly Volumes Low X X   X
Medium X X X X
High X X X
Orthotic Costs* (per pair) Under $20 X   X
$20-40 X X  
$40-60 X      
$60-95 X      
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