See it in Action

  • Scans most industry standard foam boxes
  • Uses Correct and Confirm™ Software
  • Scans are completed in about 1 minute
  • Compatible with positive plaster models

Casting Method:

Foot Printer

Foam Impression Box

Impress Scanner

Impress Scanner

The Impress Foam Scanner eliminates the need to create a plaster positive of the foam impression. No longer will you require a large workspace to pour the plaster and let it dry, nor will you need to cleanup, modify or store the plaster positive.

Using laser technology, the Impress Foam Scanner converts your right and left-foot foam impressions to 3-D digital Amfit foot data files in about a minute. The included Windows-based Correct and Confirm™ software enables you to easily add modifications.

Amfit’s Correct and Confirm™ software allows near limitless design possibilities for perfect-fitting absolutely custom orthotics. Once the design is complete, you can send the digital file to Amfit’s Central Fabrication department and receive your orthotics back in as quickly as two business days. With an on-site Amfit CAD/CAM Mill you have nearly immediate results with in-lab fabrication.

The Impress Foam Scanner has a scanning accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeter, which is less than the thickness of a business card. The added ability to work with most industry-standard foam boxes and positive models offers unmatched versatility.

Whether you use your Amfit Impress Scanner with existing Amfit equipment or on its own, the Impress Foam Scanner will revolutionize your orthotic process. It’s a tool that consistently provides the best results for your patients – and your bottom line.

Configuration Options

Impress Scanner

Impress Scanner Package


  • Monitor/Keyboard/Trackball Mouse
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (installed)