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  • Eliminates costly remakes
  • Quick turnaround of custom orthotics
  • Semi-rigid and Rigid Orthotics from casting

Casting Method:

Foot Printer

Foam Impression Box

Footprinter Foam Box

Footprinter Foam Box

Using Amfitís patented Foam Casting technology, you can easily provide patients with precise-fitting, biomechanically-balanced orthotics. Itís the only foam casting system that allows you to modify the insole by using patented Amfit technology to create a permanent foot cast. Using a digital file allows you to precisely fit your patientís needs every time and do away with creating and storing bulky positive plaster casts.

Footprinter foam boxes are a low-cost solution when using Amfitís centralized fabrication facility since there is no expensive equipment to buy. Amfit carries your inventory and securely stores your patientís digitized 3D foot files using a unique identifier. With Amfitís quick turnaround you have access to a wide variety of customized products for your patients.