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System Features Include:

  • Precision CAD/ CAM Carving Mill
  • Monitor, Keyboard and Trackball
  • Amfit Correct and Confirm™ Software
  • Wide range of industry standard insole densities available
  • Custom high-speed bi-directional milling motor
  • 3-axis precision stepper transport system
  • Includes 2 year warranty

Input Method:


Digital Scanning

Impress Scanner

Impress Scanner

Orthotic Fabrication System

Orthotic Fabrication System

Combine the Orthotic Fabrication System (CAD/CAM Mill) with a Contact Digitizer or Impress Scanner for complete control of your client’s orthotics from casting to fabrication for most every condition. The versatile CAD/CAM Mill creates customized orthotics and can also be used to mill positive models for use with vacuum forming materials such as plastic, carbon fiber and more. The Amfit CAD/CAM Mill allows you to free up your time to focus on other projects, and still make your orthotics faster and at a low cost!

The System features our easy-to-use “Correct & Confirm” software. Amfit’s Windows-based software gives unprecedented flexibility to customize the digitized foot contour with precise, fast and repeatable results. Based on your specifications, in just 6-9 minutes, the System carves either a negative or first generation positive model, for the design and fabrication of both rigid and semi-rigid custom orthoses.

This system provides a great opportunity to increase your profits. With Amfit’s Orthotic Fabrication System, you can expand your practice with the flexibility to serve both professionals and patients.

Configuration Options

Portable Digitizer Package



  • Monitor/Keyboard/ Trackball mouse
  • CAD/CAM Mill Stand
  • Correct & Confirm™ Software (installed)
Cad Cam

Digitizer Fabrication System


Cad Cam

Impress Fabrication System