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Contact Digitizer

Contact Digitizer

The Amfit Digitizer gives you the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for your customer... [more »]

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Off-the-Shelf CustomSelect Insoles

The best tailored insole to fit and support your clientís feet.

Amfit’s CustomSelect pre-formed insoles offer over 70 styles made up of multiple sizes, arch heights and 4 different heel widths for men and women. The unsurpassed range of available fit options within the CustomSelect line make selling comfortable off-the-shelf insoles quick and easy for you and your clients.

By taking your customers’ basic foot measurements with a Brannock Device, Digitizer or the available Custom Selector tool you can easily choose the best pre-formed insole model and size to fit their feet. Amfit’s molded contour shape cradles the foot with integrated arch support resulting in long-term comfort, reduced pain, biomechanical balance and even weight distribution.

Simple retail placement is easy on slat walls or by using Amfit’s attractive CustomSelect stand. Reasonably priced, it comes with the CustomSelector sizing tool and 60 SKUs. Also available to our CustomSelect customers is the digital sizing tool shown below for use on your own web site.