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Case Study : Matt Arciuolo, C.Ped (Certified Pedorthist)

Matt Arciuolo

Owner of an orthotic fabrication and comfort footwear shop in southern Connecticut, Matt Arciuolo, C.Ped, understands the value of time. The less time he spends fitting orthotics, the more patients he can see.

Gone are the days when Mr. Arciuolo followed the time-consuming and messy process of analyzing the foot through casting and ink impressions. He now uses the Amfit Digitizer to quickly scan the entire surface of the foot, analyzing pressure points and contours of his patients’ feet in 2-D and 3-D views. Using Amfit has enabled Mr. Arciuolo to accurately determine gait patterns and the center of gravity, ensuring he develops a perfectly-fitted orthotic for every customer, whether it be a patient seeking pain relief or an athlete searching for better performance.

Mr. Arciuolo also turns to Amfit for orthotic fabrication. Rather than manufacturing foot insoles himself, he simply transfers digital representations of the foot to Amfit’s Central Fabrication Service, which rapidly develops and delivers the final orthotic.

Using Amfit’s technology, Mr. Arciuolo is now able to work with a larger number of customers, which, in turn, has led to bigger profits. “Amfit has been a profitable investment for my business because I can handle a larger volume of patients,” he says. “It saves me time so I can concentrate on growing other parts of my business.”

Mr. Arciuolo is the owner of Footstar Pedorthic Center in Milford, Conn.