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Footprinter Foam Box

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Case Study : Larry Bain, D.C. (Chiropractor)

Larry Bain

A chiropractor for the past four decades, Larry Bain, D.C., firmly believes that foot orthotics can enhance chiropractic treatment. Dr. Bain treats everything from neck, shoulder and back misalignments to numbness in the arms and legs – he finds that effective orthotics help correct many of these problems.

Dr. Bain relies on Amfit’s Foot Printer Foam Casting system because it offers an affordable product at lower cost. Amfit’s Foam Casting system allows him to turn a profit on every orthotic he sells.

“It’s great to be able to tap into a quality product with efficient and quick service,” he says.

Using Amfit’s technology has also enabled Dr. Bain to generate more accurate castings. The semi-weight bearing method allows him to obtain a precise impression of the foot, which he can then modify to ensure the finished insole meets the patient’s exact needs. Once the foot impression has been made, Dr. Bain then sends the kit to Amfit’s Central Fabrication Service, where the impression is quickly digitized and turned into custom orthotics.

Working with Amfit has provided Dr. Bain a low-cost solution for developing foot orthotics without having to invest in equipment. In addition, he’s enjoying the customer service offered by Amfit staff.

“Amfit employees are always willing to provide good assistance, and my questions are consistently answered promptly and accurately,” he says. “They’re polite business people who are really easy to work with.”

Dr. Bain is a chiropractor in Vancouver, Washington and serves on the board of directors of the Washington State Chiropractors Association.