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Case Study : John Brest, C.O., C. Ped (Certified Orthotist and Pedorthist)

John Brest

John Brest, C.O., C.Ped, is the owner of a busy practice specializing in the design of orthotics and artificial limbs for patients of all ages. Turning to Amfit has allowed him to devote more time to patient care while avoiding the hassles of traditional in-lab orthotic fabrication. Using the Amfit Digitizer, Mr. Brest can now quickly make a 3-D digital impression of the plantar surface structure. He then uses this image with the Correct and Confirm software to easily design his patient’s orthotics.

Mr. Brest is able to provide better patient care by using on-screen diagrams to explain to his customers how the insoles they’re prescribed will reduce discomfort. Sending the digital orthotic design files to Amfit’s Central Fabrication Service has eliminated the need to manufacture foot orthotics in-house without sacrificing his control over the design of the devices.

One of the benefits of working with Amfit is that the company provides a one-piece, full-length, heel-to-toe foot orthosis, Mr. Brest says. This allows him to provide proper posting and control to any area of the foot without the risk of different layers of material becoming separated. In addition, Amfit manufactures low-profile yet supportive insoles that fit into dress shoes, solving a major problem with orthotics.

Not only has Amfit technology helped Mr. Brest provide better orthotics to his clients; it’s leading to more revenue for his business. “Less time in the lab along with faster turnaround times equal the ability to see more patients, which ultimately means more profits,” he says.

John Brest, C.O., C.Ped. is the owner of Total Care Orthotics and Prosthetics in Tulsa, Oklahoma - ph. 918.502.5975