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Orthotic Fabrication System

Orthotic Fabrication System

Combine the Orthotic Fabrication System (CAD/CAM Mill) with a Contact Digitizer or Impress Scanner f... [more »]

Use with either of these scanners:

Contact Digitizer

Contact Digitizer

The Amfit Digitizer gives you the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for your customer... [more »]

Impress Scanner

Impress Scanner

The Impress Foam Scanner eliminates the need to create a plaster positive of the foam impression. No... [more »]


In-House Fabrication

Produce orthotics in-house to your own specifications.

Use Amfitís Impress Scanner or Contact Digitizer with the CAD/CAM Mill to produce custom orthotics in your own facility. With either scanner, this program allows you to:

  • Craft a pair of orthotics in-house to your own specifications in less than one hour.
  • Easily create a positive model of the clientís scan for vacuum forming a variety of materials.
  • Produce orthotics using Amfitís EVA Blanks.
  • Provide finished orthotics to your client in as little as one hour.
  • Economically produce high volumes of orthotics at approximately $30 per pair.

Use Amfitís materials to produce your orthotics in-house:

EVA Orthotics

Top Covers

We carry a large selection of top covers for your finishing needs, including leather, Spenco™, and Ultrasuede™.


EVA Blanks

Choose from one of five high-density EVA base materials, ranging from 25-65 durometer, then select from a variety of industry standard topping materials


Positive Block

Make a positive model of the foot then vacuum form any materials.


Amfit Grinder

The Amfit Grinder is powerful and balanced for quick and accurate finishing work. An ideal addition to any fabrication facility.