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Orthotic Fabrication System

Orthotic Fabrication System

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Case Study : Danielle Molnar, C.Ped (C) (Certified Pedorthist, Canada)

Danielle Molnar

For Danielle Molnar, flexibility is paramount. A certified clinical pedorthist for BioPed Footcare in Ontario, Canada, Danielle works with a broad customer base that includes children, working adults, seniors, diabetics and athletes. As a result, she needs to produce custom orthoses and off-the-shelf insoles that can tackle almost any foot condition.

Using Amfits Orthotic Fabrication System has enabled Danielle to quickly manufacture a full range of orthoses. “With the flexibility of the Amfit system, we're able to produce aggressive, corrective orthotic devices to treat severe foot ailments, as well as accommodative, softer orthotics to treat diabetic patients and those with sensitive feet.” she says.

Danielle's clinic dispenses an average of 120 pairs of Amfit orthoses per month. By moving the manufacturing process in-house, Amfit technology has helped her boost profits, while improving customer care. “With each patient we treat, we strive to provide excellent, customized care.” Danielle says. “The Amfit system provides me the flexibility I need to treat nearly every foot irregularity I encounter. At the same time, it reduces the time I spend in the lab, which allows me to spend more time seeing patients”.

One of the biggest challenges in producing orthoses is ensuring they alleviate pain and increase comfort and stability, all while fitting into the shoes patients need to accommodate their specific lifestyles. Amfit technology helps Danielle meet this challenge by providing her with easy-to-master machines and a wide variety of high quality materials for orthotic fabrication.

Danielle Molnar, C.Ped.(C) is a certified clinical pedorthist at BioPed Footcare, which has more than 45 full service and satelite clinics across Ontario, Canada.