space Centrl Fabrication

Use any of these casting methods:

Footprinter Foam Box

Footprinter Foam Box

Using Amfitís patented Foam Casting technology, you can easily provide patients with precise-fitting... [more »]

Contact Digitizer

Contact Digitizer

The Amfit Digitizer gives you the ability to create perfect-fitting foot orthotics for your customer... [more »]

Impress Scanner

Impress Scanner

The Impress Foam Scanner eliminates the need to create a plaster positive of the foam impression. No... [more »]


Central Fabrication

Give us your data; we'll do the fabrication work. Fast turnaround, little effort.

Send digital records with your Impress Scanner or Contact Digitizer, or mail us your foam impression boxes and we'll make your orthotics for you. This program allows you to:

  • Utilize Amfit's labor force, freeing up your time and energy. Only 10-20 minutes needed.
  • Access a variety of materials such as EVA, Carbon Fiber, and Polypropylene.
  • Provide finished orthotics to your clients in as little as 5-7 business days. *
  • Economically produce low to medium volumes at $50-$60 a pair.**

*Typical turnaround time noted. Times may vary depending on casting method and services ordered.
**Typical pricing noted, prices may vary depending on casting method and services.

Central Fabrication Products

EVA Orthotics

EVA Orthotics

Choose from one of five high-density EVA base materials, ranging from 25-65 durometer, and then select from a variety of top covers.


Polypropylene Orthotics

Amfit's polypropylene orthotics are direct-milled, not vacuum formed, making them more accurate and highly durable.


Carbon Fiber Orthotics

All of our high-quality carbon fiber orthotics include heel posting and anti-slip grip.


A5513 Diabetic Inserts

Amfit's A5513 diabetic inserts are available in four SADMERC approved styles, plus toe filler and charcot options!