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Case Study : Bert Reid, P.T. (Physical Therapist)

Bert Reid

The perfect fit is paramount for Bert Reid, Don Levine, and Sam Fischer at Olympic Physical Therapy. Amfit gives the practice the ability to create a far better product in much less time.

Their orthopedic and sports rehabilitation practice sees more than 110 physical therapy patients each day, many of whom suffer from leg and lower back pain that can be alleviated through the use of proper foot orthotics. To produce the most accurate devices for their customers, they rely on The Amfit Digitizer.

“Understanding how a foot “moves” can be married with the easy technical features of the machine to make the perfect orthotic,” Bert says. “This is how we differentiate ourselves from the non-weight bearing/static orthotics of olden days. Amfit allows us to achieve this perfect mix.”

The superior technology provided by Amfit has helped Bert, Don, and Sam to consistently deliver top-level care to their patients. Amfit’s Digitizer enables the staff to quickly capture foot contour measurements, while making adjustments using the computer. It also allows for a weight-bearing representation of the foot, helping to create orthotics that alleviate pain without shifting the problem farther up the body.

Not only has the Amfit system helped them to develop better fitting orthotics; it’s enabled them to boost revenue by selling more high-end running and walking shoes.

“We sell about 60 pairs of shoes per month, and people are absolutely happy and very grateful that they can be given real, informed medical assistance while choosing the right shoe to support a proper orthotic,” Bert says. “We could not be more satisfied with the product. It exactly matches our philosophy of producing a master orthotic.”

Bert Reid and Don Levine own Olympic Physical Therapy in Middletown, Rhode Island. Sam Fischer is the practice’s Certified Pedorthist and fabricates all of the foot orthotics for the practice.